His friends and supporters keep telling us what a good guy Neil Gorsuch is. How humble and unassuming he is. Please. This is Douchebag Archetype 101. The jaunty little way he sits sideways in his chair, one arm on the witness table, so comfortable, so open and honest according to the body language consultants on […]

Here you go, Senator Schumer. Just sign your name and send it off. Thanks. Complete text. Just copy and sign. Again, thanks. The Honorable Mitch McConnell 317 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 205100001 Dear Mitch, With a year remaining in President Obama’s term, you blatantly flaunted the United States Constitution and ignored the will of the […]

Before his first full day in office, Pumpkinhead Tinyhands has already eliminated Civil Rights, Climate Change, and LGBTQ Rights from the White House Website. This act of scrubbing is literally right out of the pages of Orwell. Of course, it signals not just the end of particular words and pictures on a particular website. It […]

I have made a personal and professional commitment to participate in important public issues and debates. Today I wish I hadn’t. I can’t even. But here goes. This is not the time to politicize, to point blame, right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This is exactly the time. The Pulse massacre was a hate crime. In […]

I have been in countless live music settings, both on stage and in the audience, and have been dismayed at the boorish behavior of many.  Noisy patrons are rude and inconsiderate toward their fellow patrons. Not to mention, it is deeply disrespectful to the musicians. But hey, they’re getting paid, right? I suppose so. That’s […]

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