About An Hour with Dunzo & Bursell

bare feet

About an Hour is a 13-episode open ended conversation between Baby Boomer Charles Bursell and his Millennial friend, and rapper, Dunzo.

Listen to every episode right here: 

Ep.1: The inaugural podcast. How to be an artist in a world where money matters. How do you keep from losing “it”?

Ep.2: The boys discuss peak innovation, the end of history, information overload, authenticity, and the impostor syndrome.

Ep.3: The boys struggle with Alan Watts and Terence McKenna, battle zen zombies, consider free speech, and the media “red zone.”

Ep.4: The scourge of homespun philosophy, the crimes of gurus, the fall of politics, the linguistics of comedy, and the benefits of slowing down.

Ep.5: The “yes-and” philosophy, revolution vs. incremental change, exercising the imagination, nerd culture naivete, and possible titles for this podcast.

Ep.6: Absurdism & conceptual art, the Bernie wave, recalling middle school civics, relationships with The Internet, and the dangers of ingesting self-identity.

Ep.7: Digital privacy and Tinder, activism beyond the couch, the end of work, the end of money, individual moral imperatives in a global community, and Dunzo wonders if modern psychology is more religion than science.

Ep.8: How having a job can ruin your life. When is it okay for your protest to shut down your opponents’ free speech? Advocacy journalism versus false equivalence. Group trance in religion and politics.

Ep.9: Conscious Hip Hop, Art Rap, respecting the mic and challenging your audience (they don’t always have to just dance). Guest: rapper Simon Mustafa.

Ep.10: The boys find common ethos in Hip Hop and Country lyrics, plan a “happening,” and Bursell is concerned with Dunzo’s sudden affection for Libertarianism and loss of trust in Bernie.

Ep.11: Are we living in a computer simulation, and if so, how should that change the way we behave in the world? Maybe we can approach life as gamers, learning from mistakes and continually striving to reach new levels. Instead of government as we know it today, could collective decision-making be better achieved in a massive LAN party? Guest: Miles Lamensky.

Ep.12: The boys wonder aloud about politics as large scale performance art, the role of citizens between elections, false flag conspiracies, crying wolf, activism in the money hole, and the perception/reality gap regarding terrorism.

Ep.13: Dunzo & Bursell bid farewell to Frank, splash in the spirit of water, consider appletarianism, escaping global warming, the technology of immortality, how not to ask the question “what do you do?” and Hegelian hip hop. Guest: Frank Berg.