Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre

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Host Charles Bursell attempts an earnest discussion only to have the show hijacked by the absurd “thoughts in his head” as portrayed by a nimble cast of improvisers: Crysta Jarczynski, Anja Notanja Sieger, The Skrauss, and Jonathan Wachala. Music by Peter Donalds.

Listen to every episode right here:

Ep.1 Charity is Bad

Ep.2 Minimalism

Ep.3 We’re Too Busy!

Ep.4 War and Peace

Ep.5 Amateurism

Ep.6 Open Line

Ep.7 Diversity

Ep.8 Work and Jobs

Ep.9 Bad Advice

Ep.10 Gender

Ep.11 Tech Addiction

Ep.12 Personal Responsibility

Ep.13 Happiness