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Host Charles Bursell attempts an earnest discussion only to have the show hijacked by the absurd “thoughts in his head” as portrayed by a creatively nimble cast of improvisers. Season three cast: Crysta Jarczynski, Anja Notanja Sieger, The Skrauss, and Jonathan Wachala. Music by Peter Donalds.

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Ep.35: Happiness

Ep.34: Personal Responsibility

Ep.33: Tech Addiction

Ep.32: Gender

Ep.31: Bad Advice

Ep.30: Work and Jobs

Ep.29: Diversity

Ep.28: Open Line

Ep.27: Amateurism

Ep.26: War and Peace

Ep.25: We’re Too Busy!

Ep.24: Minimalism

Ep.23: Charity is Bad (Season Premiere) 

Ep.22: The Nature Show

Ep.21: Astral Projection

Ep.20: High School Days

Ep.19: The Awards Show

Ep.18: The Resistance

Ep.17: Love and Sex, and Sex

Ep16: The Big Sports Show!

Ep.15: Dreams and Dreamers

Ep.14: The Anti-Inauguration

Ep.13: The Trouble With Conservatives

Ep.12: The Trouble With Liberals

Ep.11: 2016 Year In Review

Ep.10: The Solstice/Christmas Show

Ep.9: Let’s Go To The Movies

Ep.8: Drivers and Driving

Ep.7: Money, Money, Money

Ep.6: The Thanksgiving Show

Ep.5: How Will We Get Along?

Ep.4: Special Live 2016 Election Night Coverage (60 min)

Ep.3: The Body/Mind Tour

Ep.2: The Doctor’s Visit

Ep.1: Halloween Special (60 min)


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