Charles Bursell Presents

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Sketch and improv radio theatre, audio art, and spoken word. 

Ep.60 “The Information Age” – Follow the perilous journey of Winston on his heroic quest for the legendary Free Flow of Information. This is a full-length radio play created from the 1997 original 12-episode serial by Peter Donalds.

Ep.59 “R-A-D-I-O!” – Vintage Jingles, Kitchen Table Issues, I Wonder, Breaking News, Coming Up, Boop-Bop-a-Dee-Bop, Dad Jokes. 

Ep.58 “The Girl and The Goat” – Audio stories sculpted of improvised spoken word, music, and sound: Walter, Be Bop, The Girl and The Goat, Berliners’ March, and Flightless.

Ep.57 “Calling the Game” Rating your life when it’s over and the choice to live it again. But first: improvised play-by-play, a silly song, and a quick monologue. Plus: The Serendipity Singers

Ep.56 “Major Minor”  Van Thoughts, Sarah 1993, Military Whimsey, Letter to Grandma

Ep.55 “Trivialities” Trivial thoughts about bathrooms, box lunches, checkout lines, pumping gas, building a deck, and signage.

Ep.54 “AI: No Laughing Matter” Can AI do comedy, or is it too “woke”? We put it to the test. Listen and judge for yourself. 

Ep.53 “Real World Correspondent” Long after lockdowns were lifted, Charles Bursell remains a happy hermit. His friend Anja reports back from the outside world. Also: Monday Go to Work and That’s on You.

Ep.52 “Addressing the Nation” Two speeches from President Jimmy Carter: his so-called “Crisis of Confidence” Speech of July 15, 1979 and his Farewell Address of January 14, 1981 (edited for time).

Ep.51 “On The Nose” Scrolling videos audio-only, when your friends are a little too on the nose, and an art song that I like. 

Ep.50 “Make It Make Sense” We’re celebrating our 50th episode with non-sequitur sound, absurd stories, and silly songs. Your challenge: make it make sense.

Ep.49 “Dueling Pitches” Top It Off with Topidov, Some Little Bug, Dueling Pitches, Poop Barf Dirt (Anja Notanja Sieger), Backwards Time Math  

Ep.48 “Harry Solstmas” Reclaiming Christmas, Identity Theft, and A Message from George Bailey. Songs by Peter Donalds

Ep.47 “Meeting Jimmy Carter” Enquirer, Vlogger, Sarah 9/20/95, Meditation II, Media Mania, Meeting Jimmy Carter

Ep.46 “Straw Man Pageant” Children’s Advertising, I’m Your Strawman, Miss Those Days, Thanksgiving Pageant, Spy Cleaners

Ep.45 “American Vocabulary” Congressional Hearing, Vocabulary, America the Beautiful, Money & Human Rights.

Ep.44 “Pulled Over” My Advice to You, Right Wing Painter, The Jed Tree, If You Stand Any Closer, Occam’s Razor, Crusade for Christ, Pulled Over  

Ep.43 “Club Bucky” The Club, Bucky, Traffic Report, Advice Lunch

Ep.42 “The Mad Shears!” Quirks, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, The Mad Shears, My Land Now, Poems by Uncle Chuck

Ep.41 “The Elders” Old Man Jumble, Julianne, Interview With Grandma, Meditation II 

Ep.40 “The Hearing” The Great Arturo, A Room Somewhere, Karl & Adam go grocery shopping

Ep.39 “Expert Talk” Bob & Stan, Nobody’s Victim, The Delightful Hostess, The Colors I See, This American Tourist, Escaping Death

Ep.38 “Lionel & Florence and Karl & Adam” The Log 1933, Karl & Adam are Narcissists 

Ep.37 “The Killer Seagull Song” A radio musical by Charles Bursell and Anja Notanja of The Subtle Forces Podcast ( With music by Peter Donalds

Ep.36 “Mayberry Mob” Professor Jargon, Mayberry Mob, Karl & Adam’s Garden, Philosophy Degree

Ep.35 “Retail Drama” –  New Age, Drama Retail, News Talk 98, Noir Marx (Part 2) 

Ep.34 “That Elevator Guy”Gotta Go to Work, Malcolm Gladwell, Elevator Man, Four Guys with Day Jobs.

Ep.33 “Tennisgate”Buying War, The Cult of Frank, Tennisgate.

Ep.32 “The Big Story” – Frontline Parody, Preacher Marx (Part One)

Ep.31 “Moderate Dream” – Entertaining Violence, The Moderate, Left-Wing Therapist, American Dream

Ep.30 “One Norman” – Create a Space, Chuckie’s Dream, Side Effects, One Norman 

Ep.22 “Family Medicine” – Scenes From a Perfect World #16. Songs “Money Gotta Go” and “Everything’s Alright” by Peter Donalds  

Ep.21 “Political Morons” – How can we make democracy less stupid?

Ep.20 “One Percent Me” – Your brain on politics, a high drama mashup, and we are the one percent.

Ep.19 “Blinknmissit Corners” – News and nostalgia from America’s favorite small town.

Ep.18 “Will AI Save Us?” – Arti and Lance discuss the evolution of A.I., the necessity of humans, and the nature of reality.

Ep.17 “Fleeting Dance” – The Democracy Square Dance (One Step Forward Two Steps Back), Chucky Bucky’s Fleeting Thoughts, Four Guys with Day Jobs’ medley of public domain songs, audio art by Dr. Usba.  

Ep.15 “Comedy and Lies” – Uncle Chuck on PC comedy, Charlie No-Socks on Cruel Humor, Chucky Bucky on Marxism. “The Biggest Lie” by Peter Donalds 

Ep.14 “Critical Tangents” – Full length SOC commentary: Inspire Me app, Tangents, Loner (Uncle Chuck), Nonviolence, Social Criticism. “Everything’s Alright” by Peter Donalds.

Ep.12 “Statues and Stages” – Brian, the sentimental conservative. Chucky Bucky’s Catholic memories. The CBP Players.

Ep.11 “Distracted Narcissist” – Uncle Chuck on celebrity deaths. A personal journal experiment on distraction and intention.

Ep.10 “Absurd Relax” – Relaxation and healing tape, caller Andy hates the show.

Ep.8 “Money Gotta Go” – Why we should eliminate the very concept of money.

Ep.7 “The Cleary Tree” – A radio play about a sister who is separated from her family when she is unexpectedly swept into a world of glamour and fame. A fable about holding on to your roots while learning what in life is fleeting and what is lasting.    

Ep.1 “Objective Sweaters” – Money Gotta Go, Objective News, Compound Words, The Secret Life of Sweaters, Speck