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Scripted and improvised radio theater, audio art, spoken word and commentary by Charles Bursell and the CBP Ensemble. Music by Peter Donalds.

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#23 “NeoRadio” – This week’s CBP features a 1998 episode of NeoRadio – Independent Audio Art. You are invited to submit original music, sound sculpture, scenes, stories, radio theatre, etc, up to 15 minutes in length, for a planned 2020 NeoRadio reboot. Send your audio files (mp3 preferred) to   



#22 “Family Medicine” – Scenes From a Perfect World #16. Songs “Money Gotta Go” and “Everything’s Alright” by Peter Donalds  

#21 “Political Morons” – How can we make democracy less stupid?

#20 “One Percent Me” – Your brain on politics, a high drama mashup, and we are the one percent.

#19 “Blinknmissit Corners” – News and nostalgia from America’s favorite small town.

#18 “Will A.I. save us?” – Becoming fully human by allowing A.I. to do its thing  

#17Fleeting Dance” – Guests: Chucky Bucky, Four Guyz With Day Jobs, Dr. Usba Project.



#16 – The Hearing

#15 – Comedy and Lies

#14 – Critical Tangents

#13 – The Shutdown

#12 – Statues and Stages

#11 – Distracted Narcissist

#10 – Absurd Relax

#9 – Identity Advice

#8 – Money Gotta Go

#7 – Dinner Talk

#6 – Car Length Drama

#5 – The Cleary Tree

#4 – The Painted Straw Man

#3 – Jargon’s Garden

#2 – Occam’s Depression

#1Objective Sweaters

















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