Charles Bursell Presents

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Scenes, stories and commentary by Charles Bursell and the CBP Ensemble. A weekly half-hour mix of scripted, improvised, and stream-of-consciousness radio theater, spoken word, and audio art. 

CBP is on several platforms, including YouTubeApple PodcastsiHeart Radio, and our host site

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The Hearing

Comedy and Lies

Critical Tangents

The Shutdown

Statues and Stages

Distracted Narcissist

Absurd Relax

Identity Advice

Money Gotta Go

Dinner Talk

Car Length Drama

The Painted Straw Man

Jargon’s Garden

Occam’s Depression 

Objective Sweaters

The Cleary Tree


Also included: the 5-part series Skrauss In the House with The Skrauss, artist, vlogger, and host of Image for Hire at Riverwest Radio.

Skrauss In the House #5

Skrauss In the House #4  (The Callback Show)

Skrauss In the House #3

Skrauss In the House #2

Skrauss In the House #1