The Log for SoundCloud - alternative

The Log – Charles Bursell’s weekly offering of news and opinion, served on a bed of sculpted sound and music. New episodes are posted on Fridays.


SFPW - Season One

Scenes From a Perfect World – It’s 70 years in the future and all problems are solved. Follow the adventures of Jake, Pat, and Billy as they try to handle it. SFPW originally aired as a serial on The Log in 2019.


SCTRT logo9

Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre – Host Charles Bursell attempts an earnest discussion only to have the show hijacked by the absurd “thoughts in his head” as portrayed by a creatively nimble cast of improvisers. Music by Peter Donalds.


InfoAge logo

The Information Age – Follow the perilous journey of Winston as he searches for the legendary free flow of information. The serial by Peter Donalds originally aired on The NeoRadio Hour in 1997.


NeoRadio logo 20

NeoRadio – Audio art, music, spoken word and radio theatre by Peter Donalds, Frank Skillman, and a stable of independent artists and “home tapers.” The series aired from 1994 to 1998 on KPFA Berkeley and The Pacifica Network.


CBP logo2

Charles Bursell Presents –  Scenes, stories and commentary by Charles Bursell and the CBP Ensemble. A weekly half-hour mix of scripted, improvised, and stream-of-consciousness radio theater, spoken word, and audio art. 


conversation logo 1

Conversations with Charles Bursell – a personal, free-flowing chat about life, politics, arts and culture. The host and guests happily stumble into areas they’re not so sure about for a little philosophical spelunking. 


bare feet

About an Hour with Dunzo & Bursell – a 13-episode conversation between Baby Boomer Charles Bursell and his Millennial friend, and rapper, Dunzo. A free and extemporaneous demonstration of thinking out loud about issues large and small.


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