Ben Roethlisberger's Therapist

No scarcity Only theft

Capitalism - fix

Trump Newhart Dream

Kill the monster

Trump of the Will

cousin oliver 2


If 2020 was a debate

kylemark rittenzuckerhousberg

Trolley Problem 2

Jimmy Carter - 3

All money is blood money

Hate Leader

Americans Are Not Divided


beautiful steel bars

walker venn diagram

blinded by white privilege

My other t-shirt is ironic

Chuck and Nancy

45 - coat

Classic TV Listings - Father Knows Best

Classic TV Listings - I Love Lucy

Classic TV Listings - Leave It To Beaver

Classic TV Listings - The Andy Griffith Show

Classic TV Listings - The Dick Van Dyke Show

bad meme

Capital One Cafe

Democratic numbers

Trick or Treat Caravan

I am not a robot

Joe Pesci Day

festus festivus

Fascists, fucking Fascists.

Riots in California


Obama Sheen

Charity begins at home

My Father Never Hugged Me

steal this book meme

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