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Ep.429 (11/2/22) “Saving Democracy– Democracy itself is on the November 8th ballot. You have the power to save it.    

Ep.428 (3/30/22) “What The Oscar Incident Says About Us – Insightful commentary on “the slap” has been scant, from comedy, to the cult of celebrity, and toxic masculinity. Here’s my take.

Ep.427 (3/24/22) “Booker Brings It– The most important 20 minutes of Judge KBJ’s confirmation hearings came from Cory Booker. Listen to his full remarks.

Ep.426 (3/21/22) “What Needs to be Said– This is the last regularly scheduled episode of The Log, at least for a while. Going forward, episodes will post as ideas and events warrant. 

Ep.425 (3/1/22) “Preventing the Next War– Ukraine, Putin, and the so-called “rules based” top-down world order that got us here.

Ep.424 (2/28/22) “Rigged Game– Playing the cards you’re dealt, cops don’t work, unleashing good ideas, and some good climate news.

Ep.423 (2/21/22) “Know Your Enemy– The heads of nations have more in common with each other than with any of us. Also, The Orange Menace might be the Dems best hope, and Bill Maher gets something right for a change.

Ep.421 (2/16/22) “Controlling Tech– Nationalizing big tech and media. And, do we exist in a computer simulation? If so, we’re on our own now.

Ep.420 (2/14/22) “What Is It Good For?– War is the inevitable result of a worldwide system based on the accumulation of power and money.

Ep.419 (2/10/22) “Rogan, Whoopi, and CultureCharles Bursell discusses Joe Rogan, Whoopi’s Nazi faux pas, and cultural criticism on Drive Time from Riverwest with Martin Hallanger.

Ep.418 (2/9/22) “The Unbearable Whiteness of Being Become a proactive anti-racist by listening, learning, and knowing when to shut up (and when not to).

Ep.417 (2/8/22) “Wrong Direction Left is right, Right is wrong, and the Center is killing us with good intentions.

Ep.416 (2/7/22) “Tyranny of the Minority There is no “moderate” wing in a party that has officially endorsed violent insurrection.

Ep.415 (2/3/22) “Drive Time Charles Bursell (aka Peter Donalds) guests on Riverwest Radio to talk about his work in radio and the relaunch of his audio art podcast.

Ep.414 (2/2/22) “Money Grab Owners pocketed 75% of Covid relief cash intended for workers’ paychecks. That number is as obscene as it is unsurprising.

Ep.413 (2/1/22) “Joe Fool Joe Rogan is not smart, and he’s not a journalist. People shouldn’t have to die just because he’s in over his head.

Ep.412 (1/31/22) “The Power of Passion Hobbies pass the time, but passions go deep to change your life. 

Ep.411 (1/27/22) “What Are They For? The real “cancel culture” is Republicans’ attempt to silence all speech that threatens extreme Right-Wing orthodoxy

Ep.410 (1/26/22) “Car Detox The promise of electric vehicles is a cruel joke if it perpetuates toxic systems of consumption and oppression.

Ep.409 (1/25/22) “Lucy Is Overrated Crowning a historic TV classic, or overhyping the latest critically-acclaimed series, limits the medium’s potential.

Ep.408 (1/24/22) “Damn It, Vote! Dems finally taking our advice to break up BBB and force votes, but is it too late? Also: pretending our way out of Covid.  

Ep.407 (1/20/22) “Inequality Kills New reports reveal the obscenities of wealth disparity and species extinction. Also: Sharing bookshelf photos should be the next big fad. #whatbooksdoyoukeep 

Ep.406 (1/19/22) “The Great (Democratic) Resignation To win the midterms, Democratic leaders must promise voters they will step down and support a new, progressive leadership team.

Ep.405 (1/18/22) “Pagan Reclamation Can Paganism reclaim its cultural dominance? And, from abortion defense to media criticism, Lefty arguments are weak and off target.

Ep.404 (1/17/22) “Gravely Disappointed On this MLK Holiday, Senators Manchin and Sinema embody the white moderates in whom Dr. King was so “gravely disappointed.” Also, some enriching recommendations.

Ep.403 (1/14/22) “Surrender? Democracy looks dead on the vine while Covid may live forever. Is it time to give up on America?

Ep.402 (1/13/22) “Good Housekeeping Why we love 1950’s domesticity. Milk is Wisconsin’s coal. And, community radio is the best radio.

Ep.401 (1/12/22) “Ends & Means America’s system is exactly backwards. Instead of using commerce as an instrument for good, we are used as tools for profit.

Ep.400 (1/11/22) “Covid Capitalism There is no normal, and no learning to live with Covid, until workers control their own lives.

Ep.399 (1/10/22) “Seeing Reds The world’s most successful worker’s revolution ultimately failed because parties don’t work.

Ep.398 (1/7/22) “American Apartheid Republicans are the most deranged party in American history, and if we don’t stop them, they will become a permanent minority rule party.  

Ep.397 (1/6/22) “A White Christian Coup A year after The Capitol attack, we know who the insurrectionists are and what they want.

Ep.396 (1/5/22) “Advice and Dissent Black Liberation Revolutionary Assata Shakur meets Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz for a perfect meme mashup.

Ep.395 (1/4/22) “Overthrow Your Media Offerings like “Don’t Look Up” present a cheap veneer of progressivism while protecting the corporate status quo.  

Ep.394 (1/3/22) “Be Like Betty Remembering notable artists and newsmakers who have passed is a valuable annual exercise. This year’s lessons: 1) be passionate, 2) share your passion.  

Ep.393 (12/6/21) “Bad Memes Annie Live, Get Back reviewed, and fighting the soft bigotry of social media.  

Ep.392 (12/2/21) “Retail Revolt Are flash mob robberies and the great resignation subconscious revolts against Capitalism?  

Ep.391 (12/1/21) “Abolition! Abolish money, borders, prisons, and political parties! Abolitionists are openly fighting to end outdated and deadly institutions.

Ep.390 (11/30/21) “Covid Redux– Everything old is new again re Covid, resisting the resistance, misplaced confidence, and making America dummy-proof.

Ep.389 (11/29/21) “Still Not Funny– Claiming the license of “humor” does not give free rein to be misogynistic (or otherwise terrible).

Ep.388 (11/23/21) “Toxic Roots” – Male violence, shielded by white suburban conclaves, needs to be cut out from the root.

Ep.387 (11/22/21) “Digital Blackface” – Calling out cultural theft, reigning in racist language, and sidelining sexism are not “woke-ism,” they are legitimate historical resets.

Ep.386 (11/18/21) “Better Service– If men are required to register with Selective Service should women? Yes. Is the US military budget obscenely high? Also, yes.

Ep.385 (11/17/21) “Lies, Inflated– High inflation, though currently real, is being inflated into yet another Big Lie by the Republicans (and Joe Manchin).

Ep.384 (11/16/21) “Infrastructure, Climate, and Votes– New research confirms The Log’s election strategy. Also, does the new infrastructure law contribute to the Climate Crisis?

Ep.383 (11/15/21) “Great Performances– Watch (or re-watch) “My Dinner with Andre” and Cecily Strong’s “Goober the Clown.” You’ll be a better person for it.

Ep.382 (11/11/21) “Armistice Day– Reclaiming Armistice Day as a national call for world peace.

Ep.381 (11/10/21) “Coalition of Independents– How a Coalition of Independents can overtake the American two-party system and send it to extinction.

Ep.380 (11/9/21) “Lost in Law– The impossible maze of legalese confounding justice, and only pathetic losers still use the word “woke” as an insult.  

Ep.379 (11/8/21) “Bag of Hammers– Covid rebel Aaron Rodgers is an arrogant idiot. Public School protesters are just as dumb.  

Ep.378 (11/4/21) “The Anger Vote– Democrats need to fight for their policies with urgent, righteous anger or lose future elections – either to Republicans or to an Independent Left.

Ep.377 (11/3/21) “Up From Down– Existential malaise keeping you down? Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant may offer a workable solution.

Ep.376 (11/1/21) “Creative Responsibility– Being a so-called “creative” doesn’t give you a pass. Many are hired guns for corporate greed, social ills, and environmental degradation.

Ep.375 (10/4/21) “The Yips” – Is something blocking you from performing the fundamental tasks of your job (or your life)? We’re all susceptible to “the yips.”  Also, Ted Lasso isn’t worth it.  

Ep.374 (9/28/21) “The Opposite of Art” – The high-tech Van Gogh attractions barnstorming the nation are kitschy, exploitive carnival sideshows. Also, what Americans get wrong about housing. 

Ep.373 (9/27/21) “It’s All Politics” Don’t like politics? Afraid of Socialism? You’ll have to get over both, because they’re our only way out of the mess we’re in.

Ep.372 (9/22/21) “Better Angels”  Climate and pandemic emergencies are existential crises that require radical changes to how we engage with the world. Can we muster the wisdom and will to save ourselves?

Ep.371 (9/21/21) “We Can’t Handle The Truth” – Sniffing out BS is pretty easy, the case for not getting along, and the truth of what real progress requires. Also: sexy climate solutions?

Ep.370 (9/20/21) “Do You Think?” – Yes, we must think for ourselves, but automatically opposing the crowd is just as much a logical fallacy as going with the crowd.

Ep.369 (9/17/21) “Techno Medicine” – Major league play-by-play glass ceiling, rally of The Deplorables, Jeopardy update, moral Milley, and high-tech sound medicine. 

Ep.368 (9/16/21) “Media Bias” – They provide reliable facts, but the bias of even the best news outlets is subtle and deadly.

Ep.367 (9/15/21) “Run For Your Life” – Up to 200 million climate refugees are expected in the next few decades. Where will you escape, or have you “escaped” already?

Ep.366 (9/13/21) “White Lie” – “White” isn’t a thing, but white supremacy is. Also, words and phrases that need to be shelved.

Ep.365 (9/9/21) “Then and Now” – What PBS’s doc on post 9/11 America missed, diverting US military funds to international vaccines, and an eye on California’s nutty recall.

Ep.364 (9/8/21) “Listen Up!” – Another insurrectionist “rally”, vaxxed-up on campus, and you better be boycotting Texas brands right now!

Ep.363 (9/7/21) “Time to Strike” – With a pileup of Climate catastrophes, a deepening economic divide, and Neo-Fascist “laws” across America, it’s time for a General Strike.

Ep.362 (9/3/21) “Labor (Day) of Love” – When the dignity of work is forever decoupled from the exploitation of “jobs,” then we’ll have a Labor Day to truly celebrate.

Ep.361 (9/1/21) “Nazi Hippies” – Hippies and New Agers used to be Lefties. Why have so many of them joined the Deplorables?

Ep.360 (8/31/21) “Lefties Have the Numbers” – Unless he gets some legislative wins the Dems should primary Joe and let their Progressive Caucus (and the American people) lead the way.

Ep.359 (8/30/21) “What’s the Use?” – Working out of a weekend funk from bad news on Afghanistan, Covid, and Hurricane Ida. Also: Anti-vaxxer deaths making headlines and military civilian rule on display.

Ep.358 (8/26/21) “Sex, Comedy, Cargo” – OnlyFans reverses sex workers ban.  Also: conservative “comics” punch down, and zero-emission crewless cargo ships.

Ep.357 (8/25/21) “Socialist Ecology” – Socialist Revolution is the only way to successfully reverse climate crisis, not to mention present and future pandemics. Also: a new Jeopardy! host?

Ep.356 (8/24/21) “Fouling Up” – Should the Dems primary Joe? Also: family fights, a healthy mistrust of authority, consensual venting, and foul ball etiquette.

Ep.355 (8/20/21) “The Black Lives Matter Matter” – Confirmation that BLM protesters were vilified and actively suppressed by federal authorities. Also: double-check your voter registration and yes, it’s okay to punch a Nazi.

Ep.354 (8/19/21) “American Taliban” – America’s Far Right is openly praising The Taliban and hopes to emulate their success. Also: Nanci Griffith, Nashville was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

Ep.353 (8/18/21) “Average White Band” – Why do white folks love cover bands that don’t play songs later than the mid-80s? A visit to the State Fair suggests a disturbing theory.

Ep.352 (8/17/21) “We Told You So!” – The United States has lost another war and it’s ending tragically, as predicted, especially for thousands of Afghan nationals who allied with the US Military.

Ep.351 (8/5/21) “Power Over Law” – Ready solutions to the COVID and climate crises are hamstrung by the owner class. And the story of “River Dave” fighting for the right to live his remaining years off the grid.

Ep.350 (8/4/21) “One Step Forward” – Progressive activism extends the eviction ban and the infrastructure bill upholds the fossil fuel economy. It all feels like one step forward two steps back.

Ep.349 (8/3/21) “Pride and Prejudice” – Huge gratitude to Simone Biles for lessons learned. And it’s time to shun both the unvaxxed and The Repugs from civil society.

Ep.348 (8/2/21) “American Fascism” – Adam Carolla hilariously blames cancel culture for his lack of Hollywood offers. Sedition in DC? Of course! But prosecutors need more than “no duh” as evidence. Also: owning a home makes you an a-hole.

Ep.347 (7/29/21) “American Fascism” – It’s not hype or fear mongering. At every level of government, media and culture American Fascism is very real. Ignore it at your own peril.

Ep.346 (7/28/21) “Horizontal Power” – The FOX Weather Channel (yes, it’s real), climate crisis class disparities, and voter suppression funded by dark money. Anarchy to the rescue!

Ep.345 (7/27/21) “Public Enemy” – The prognosis for both Covid and Climate are dire unless enough of us can be convinced to value public well-being as much as personal liberty.

Ep.344 (7/26/21) “Beware the Metaverse” – The dangers of wealth disparity will grow as social media technology expands under capitalism.

Ep.343 (7/22/21) “How to Win” – Time for Washington Dems to go solo! Also, the NBA Champion Bucks’ story is way cooler than most people know.

Ep.342 (7/21/21) “No Joke” – Are we laughing enough? Too much? And what happened to the everyday art of joke telling in social situations?   

Ep.341 (7/20/21) “Don’t Know Much” – Do you trust professional scientists over amateur spiritualists? Here’s why you should.

Ep.340 (7/19/21) “Bucks in Six!” – The Fascists are flexing, democracy is dying, Covid is surging, and the planet is burning, but by golly, sports is a damn good time! 

Ep.339 (7/15/21) “Against Ideologues” – The Right is now lying about Cuba and “record” inflation. Also: The child tax credit rolls out (for some) and defenders of Capitalism just don’t get it. 

Ep.338 (7/14/21) “The 8-Hour Week” – As automation, AI and robotics handle more of our work, we must turn our attention to saving ourselves and the planet.

Ep.337 (7/13/21) “The Big Fix” – Family support, infrastructure, gun violence, global inequality… there’s nothing democracy can’t fix. That is, if we can fix democracy.

Ep.336 (7/12/21) “Culture Wars” – The Alabamization of Wisconsin, “Nones” outnumber religious affiliations, and SF Gay Men’s Chorus hits the exact right note. Also: Reading Van Gogh.

Ep.335 (7/8/21) “American Liars” – The White Supremacist Fascist Republican Party claims to champion “free speech” while spewing propaganda on gun violence, transgender rights, and historical racism.

Ep.334 (7/6/21) “Best Sitcoms” – The Rolling Stone List of top 100 sitcoms of all time. Also, when opinion polls have nothing to do with opinion.

Ep.333 (7/5/21) “Fifth of July” – Mixed feelings about July 4th as we approach the dog days of democracy. Also, the origins of “Keep Hope Alive,” and more Vatican shenanigans.

Ep.332 (7/1/21) “Rumsfeld Dead” – Looking for good news as US life expectancy plunges and Covid rises, the architect of “forever wars” and defender of torture Donald Rumsfeld is dead.

Ep.331 (6/30/21) “Take Note” – The right kind of note taking can greatly improve learning and be really fun. Also, more pet peeves: the off-putting “my friend,” consensual hugging, and social media fails.

Ep.330 (6/29/21) “You’re Already a Socialist” – Beating down American Fascist lies about crime, race, history, and government.

Ep.329 (6/28/21) “Mixed Feelings” – Feel good Pride stories, a “meh” Chauvin sentence, a doomsday climate report, financial help for parents, and two very iffy infrastructure bills. It’s been a wild up and down news cycle.

Ep.328 (6/24/21) “True Selves” – US Lefties should follow the Swedish example, California landlords get bailed out, and the first openly gay active NFL player IS a big deal.

Ep.327 (6/23/21) “Silver Spoon Oligarchs” – Institute for Policy Studies report: How America’s 50 largest inherited-wealth dynasties accelerate inequality.

Ep.326 (6/22/21) “Resistance is Futile” – Abolishing the 13th Amendment’s slavery clause. Hetero white males for Pride, BLM and Feminism. And, it’s not a straight line, but Progress always wins.   

Ep.325 (6/21/21) “Solstice Angst” – If Earth would be better off without us, why are we even here? Whitesplaining Juneteenth. And, help me have a feud with Bill Maher.

Ep.324 (6/17/21) “Juneteenth!” – The US will establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Great, now how about establishing truth and reconciliation, paying reparations, and dismantling institutional white supremacy.

Ep.323 (6/16/21) “Late Nights” – As late shows welcome back live audiences we lament the loss of the Covid format that provided a more intimate experience for the home viewer.

Ep.322 (6/15/21) “No Time To Relax” – The headlines seem a little smaller on these breezy summer days. Who would blame us for relaxing a bit? Climate, Covid, racism, and direct attacks on democracy notwithstanding.  

Ep.321 (6/14/21) “Pet Peeves” – “Shower beer” should NOT be a thing! Also, there’s too much bad theatre, bad music, and bad TV commercials, except 877 Cash Now!  I love that one.

Ep.320 (6/9/21) “American Weimar” – Billionaires’ tax rates are a fraction of yours. New/old news on the continuing insurrection. We need three commissions: Jan 6, Covid, and Black Lives.

Ep.319 (6/8/21) “We’re Doing It Wrong” – Can local Lefties alone defeat American Fascism? It would be nice to get a little help from the Dems. 

Ep.318 (6/7/21) “Just Do It!” – Dems, stop negotiating with an illegitimate party, force Manchin’s hand and pass your bills.

Ep.317 (5/12/21) “Earth Power” – Directions: (A) defeat corporate fascism, (B) establish democracy, (C) save the planet. Ready, go.

Ep.316 (5/11/21) “Vast Wasteland” – Television is still a vast wasteland and we seem to love it. Also, no social safety net, no problem – Nomadland lets America off the hook.

Ep.315 (5/10/21) “Labor Pains” – Women workers aren’t rushing back to be exploited in the “post” Covid labor market.

Ep.314 (5/6/21) “Antisocial Media” – The Orange Menace and Pillow Guy have “websites” of their very own! Right-wing confusion about free speech and social media.

Ep.313 (5/5/21) “Truth and Lies” – Sure, their lies about Dems are outrageous, but Repugs are surprisingly honest about their own agenda. Also: More malarkey from Bill Maher.

Ep.312 (5/4/21) “Green Expectations” – The key to happiness can also save the planet. Also, “disorders” or dispositions?

Ep.311 (5/3/21) “American Progress” – Have Biden and the Dems really gone Left? Is it a 40-year course correction? Or maybe Joe just has no more f–ks to give.

Ep.310 (4/29/21) “Star Gazing” – Weaponization and rampant commerce threaten the night sky that once inspired science, philosophy, and romance.

Ep.309 (4/28/21) “Nomads No More” – There’s no romanticizing poverty and the hope for net-zero emissions is a myth. Individualism is the cause; collectivism is the cure.

Ep.308 (4/27/21) “Numbers Game” – Redistricting, gerrymandering, and shifting demographics set the stage for a wild pre-election season. Also, Tyler Perry and Bill Gates can suck it.

Ep.307 (4/26/21) “The Noncommittal Middle” – As Repugs criminalize protests and spin the Chauvin verdict into their “Replacement Theory” big lie, are you an unwitting ally?  

Ep.306 (4/22/21) “Earth Day Summit” – Joe Biden hosts dozens of world leaders and corporate mucky mucks at today’s World Climate Summit. Here’s hoping they remember we are all animals sharing a fragile planet.  

Ep.305 (4/21/21) “Hearts, Minds, Law” – Historic, somber accounting for a murder that should never have been. It took an unblinking video and worldwide protests to achieve base-line justice.

Ep.304 (4/20/21) “The Common Good” – The US is NOT “already Socialist.” Also: how to shut down gun nuts with three words.

Ep.303 (4/19/21) “Contrasting Parties” – Progressives push court reform and DC statehood to fight minority rule while The Repugs advance bigoted anti-trans bills.  

Ep.302 (4/15/21) “For Damages” – A damning report on Insurrection Security, reparations legislation, GOP divestment, and ending a tragic chapter in Afghanistan. Also: popcorn salad is not a thing.

Ep.301 (4/14/21) “No Balance” – Well-intentioned voters are unwittingly propping up the hard right. To solve the nation’s most pressing problems good people must abandon the center and go Left.

Ep.300 (4/13/21) “Disarm the Police!” – We can’t train away the hate, it’s time to confiscate every cop’s gun and the power it provides. 

Ep.299 (4/12/21) “Not Funny” – Are you seeing sexist “jokes” from your Liberal friends on social media? Also: Aaron Rodgers hosts Jeopardy, going big with the 117th Congress, and pushing for Capitol Attack investigations.

Ep.298 (4/8/21) “Right-Wing Fail” – From state races to reconciliation, Gaetz-gate to cringey comedy, Conservatives are faceplanting and it’s damned entertaining.

Ep.297 (4/7/21) “Realignment?” – Reaction to voter suppression has unleashed a flurry of new alliances that could permanently alter the political spectrum.

Ep.296 (4/6/21) “People of No Color” – “White?” “European-American?” Whatever we call ourselves (please LOSE “Caucasian”), we’ve got to stop f#&%ing up! Also: more space for non-commercial relationships.

Ep.295 (4/5/21) “Social Infrastructure” – Joe is leaning Left but his “big and bold” plans fall short of ultimate transformation. Also: Legal weed on the march.

Ep.294 (4/1/21) “Turning: A Memoir, Part II” – The crib, your house and yard, parents and grandparents, images from old-time television… what are your first memories?

Ep.293 (3/31/21) “Raising Hell” – Satan and Lil Nas X’s old soft shoe, atheist inspiration, the joy of sex-positive WAP, and zero tolerance for bigotry.

Ep.292 (3/30/21) “Half-Way Left” – Charity will never solve social ills, but Socialism will. Also: Boycotting Coke, UPS, Home Depot, and Delta over Georgia’s Jim Crow.

Ep.291 (3/29/21) “Money for Nothin” – State Republicans stage election coup, bigot cops revealed (again), and separating money form work. 

Ep.290 (3/25/21) “Turning: A Memoir” – Peter Donalds (AKA Charles Bursell) shares personal reflections in this pilot episode of a potential podcast series, part memoir, part history, and part treatise. 

Ep.289 (3/24/21) “Gun Politics” – We can’t love away or argue away the guns. We have to go hard Left and politically destroy the Patriarchal White Christian Nationalists who breed the shooters and defend the indefensible. 

Ep.288 (3/23/21) “Are DC Dems for Real?” – Democrats have Lefties wondering: Is this real? Can it last? Also, conflicting moods over new Covid infections and vaccine politics. 

Ep.287 (3/22/21) “Spring Inaugural” – Spring reflections on public spaces, retirement, abandoning the car, and the degenerate nature of television. 

Ep.286 (3/18/21) “Anarchy, Please” – Upstart news networks, what’s really happening in Portland, rainforest emissions, and rooting for anarchy. 

Ep.285 (3/17/21) “Can We Not?” – Topics I’ve been avoiding: Woody Allen, Andrew Cuomo, and how sand, yes sand, is killing the planet. Ugh. 

Ep.284 (3/16/21) “Something From Nothing” – The brave new world of digital money won’t eliminate its oldest and greatest sin: the massive theft of labor. 

Ep.283 (3/15/21) “No Going Back” – Lessons from late night, presidents, workers and profiteers, and the tragic mistake of seeking a pre-Covid “normal.” 

Ep.282 (3/11/21) “Phraseology” – The origins of “let the cat out of the bag,” “caught red-handed,” “butter up” (that’s a weird one) and more.

Ep.281 (3/10/21) “Sage Wisdom” – Smoking out Stephen Miller’s bad White House juju, Harry and Meghan create a new Right/Left divide, and marking one year of Covid.

Ep.280 (3/9/21) “Trans-Border Bigots” – Don’t let Radical White Christian Fascists fool you on trans athletes or “strong” border policy — It’s pure bigotry. Also: Blunt Senate politics.

Ep.279 (3/8/21) “Rocking The House” – Dems went big on police reform, voting rights, and Covid relief, and now they must bust the filibuster. Also: the notorious eight, RoJo the Dumb, and what would Mitch do?

Ep.278 (3/4/21) “A Hard Left” – To create economic, health and climate justice, Lefties must push aside the shrinking political Middle and then crush the Radical Christian White Right. Ready, go!

Ep.277 (3/3/21) “One Party Rule” – The race between vaccines and reopenings, Repugs abdicate legitimacy, Dems go alone on Covid and the fight for $15 showdown.

Ep.276 (3/2/21) “Teaching Democracy” – Why a rebirth of civics education is vital to saving democracy and a new report on how to do it.

Ep.275 (3/1/21) “Lost Weekend” – I spend the whole weekend watching CPAC. It was brutal, but the new American Nazis are powerful and we ought to keep a damn close eye on them.

Ep.274 (2/25/21) “Joe, Joe, Tiger” – With Cabinet nominees, Covid, and the $15 minimum wage, Joe Manchin is becoming a one-man Congressional wrecking crew. Also: grading Biden, saving elections, and weird love for Tiger.

Ep.273 (2/24/21) “Trash Talk” – Caught online mocking parents, school board members are forced to resign en masse. Also, Equality v Equity and goodbye Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Ep.272 (2/23/21) “People Power” – The only way to avoid climate dystopia is for workers of the world to finally win their centuries-old struggle for power.

Ep.271 (2/22/21) “Name Your Poison” – Humanities vs trade school, no more traffic cops, and preparing for the next emergency. Also: if money poisons politics does it poison everything else? Of course, it does.

Ep.270 (2/18/21) “Bum, Rush” – The architect of hate is dead, his loathsome legacy lives. Also: boycott chocolate, President Joe dances, re-booting lockdown, and there’s nothing natural about “natural” disasters. 

Ep.269 (2/17/21) “True Confessions” – Lessons and revelations spring from an obligatory phone call to an elderly aunt. Charlie Brown, David Brooks, Bob Newhart and The Pope find their way into this very odd episode of The Log. 

Ep.268 (2/16/21) “Here’s The Deal” – MAGA is dangerous, BLM is nonviolent, Global Warming really does cause record cold, “cancel culture” is played, and Van der Veen’s spoonerisms were hilarious. 

Ep.267 (2/15/21) “This Ain’t No Party!” – The Impeachment acquittal puts us all back to work: Dems, do good government. Courts, put him in jail. And voters! The Republican Party is now officially a Fascist party. Kill it.

Ep.266 (2/12/21) “Impeachment II, Day 3” – Republican complicity and white supremacy are defining characteristics of the Capitol attack, ignored because they serve neither side of the impeachment trial.

Ep.265 (2/11/21) “Impeachment II, Day 2” – Democratic Impeachment managers bring new light and weight to a story that’s even worse than we knew.

Ep.264 (2/10/21) “The Ghost of Climate Future” – While pollution kills millions annually, right-wing Fossils cling to whale oil and spittoons. But climate revolution in both policy and narrative ARE possible.

Ep.263 (2/9/21) “The American Game” – Racism, violence, corporate schmaltz, radical centrism, cancel culture, and the big Lie. From the Super Bowl to an Impeachment trial, this is the most American week ever.

Ep.262 (2/8/21) “School Abuse” – School should be a place to learn, not a catch-all social service, and definitely not a child warehouse freeing up worker parents to produce profits for Wall Street.

Ep.261 (2/5/21) “Toxic Individualism” – Psychologists say focusing on the needs of others will improve your mood. That’s good advice for the whole nation.

Ep.260 (2/4/21) “So Far So Good” – How should Lefties feel about Joe’s first two weeks? MSNBC opinion columnist Mehdi Hasan says pretty good — so far.

Ep.259 (2/3/21) “F#&% Tom Brokaw” – Warmonger Tom Brokaw retires, advice for too polite Judy Woodruff, and Rachel Maddow’s unique ability to cram 12 minutes of content into a 60-minute show.

Ep.258 (2/2/21) “How Much Game Could GameStop Stop?” – “Financial Industry” and “Unearned Income” are oxymoronic and profit is theft. Also, the case FOR Capital Letters and punctuation.

Ep.257 (2/1/21) “You’re On The Air!” – Confessions of a cable junkie, Generation Jones, and some uncomfortable reflections on Larry King.

Ep.256 (1/15/21) “News or Lose” – In these pivotal days our foundering democracy demands real solutions, not a corporate news media that would reduce history to just another TV show. 

Ep.255 (1/14/21) “R for Repugnant” – Republicans’ craven capacity to lie and cheat on full display in Impeachment vote. Now, conviction is crucial to the future of democracy. 

Ep.254 (1/13/21) “You know, THAT guy” – We all have that friend, the self-proclaimed expert, the spiritual narcissist, and always with an itchy social media trigger finger. Enough already with the pithy disrespect for big ideas. 

Ep.253 (1/12/21) “Truth and Consequences” – There is NO comparison between BLM and The Capitol marauders. The continuing and present danger requires swift justice including immediate impeachment and conviction. 

Ep.252 (1/11/21) “Sinking In” – The attack on The Capitol was much worse than many of us first thought and could have been much, much worse that it was. Also: To what extent has white supremacy infiltrated American police and military? 

Ep.251 (1/8/21) “FDR Time” – The Dems have control of Congress with the clock ticking. Time for bold FDR-sized action on healthcare, the climate crisis, and fighting economic and racial injustice. Go!

Ep.250 (1/7/21) “Infamy” – Historic day sees new calls for the immediate removal of the Orange Menace. Also, Lisa Desjardins of PBS is the boss of journalism.

Ep.249 (1/6/21) “Happy Day” – Yes, we are Lefty Social Anarchists and yes, The Democrats are corporate shills but dammit, we’re happy — at least for one glorious McConnelless day!

Ep.248 (1/5/21) “Such Class!” – The Medal of Freedom is pure tin, superspreader legislators, and why we must never forget 2020. Also: Why do rich people have such horrendous taste?

Ep.247 (1/4/21) “He Who Dealt It” – New congress, new president, same problems. You want to heal the nation? Remove the stink.

Ep.246 (12/31/20) “Next!” – Had it with 2020? Haven’t we all. A last look at the crazy, a nod to those we’ve lost, and Uncle Chuck’s must-hear annual New Year’s Eve advice.

Ep.245 (12/30/20) “Ticking Down” – Check your bank account for $600, Gallup’s “most admired,” 2020’s Lie of the Year, prospects for a 2021 Impeachment, forcing M4A, and back to square one on Covid.

Ep.244 (12/29/20) “Last Chances” – The train wrecks of 2020 would have been largely avoided if only a few Republican senators had agreed to convict The Orange Menace when they had the chance.

Ep.243 (12/28/20) “New Stories” – Material insecurity is the central requirement of Capitalism and, as such, the central conflict in our stories. We need post-capitalist narratives.

Ep.242 (12/25/20) “Small Town Christmas” – The Log presents Peter Donalds’ holiday album featuring unique covers and original songs Wisconsin White, An Agnostic Christmas, and the title track, Small Town Christmas.

Ep.241 (12/24/20) “The Meaning of Life” – Pew Research asked Americans what gave their life meaning, and only 5% said trying to make the world a better place. Seriously? Also: Christmas Eve is way better than Christmas Day. Fight me.

Ep.240 (12/23/20) “Four Weeks Today” – Plotting with loyalists, threats of martial law, encouraging foreign attacks, ignoring Covid, repugnant pardons, madness, defiance, and no place to go. Invoke the 25th!

Ep.239 (12/22/20) “A Covid Christmas” – Public health messaging crushed by the colossal power of American advertising. And it’s not jus a bill – Congress shatters a record.

Ep.238 (12/21/20) “Winter Solstice 2020” – This idea that somehow we’re superiour to our ancient ancestors? The mythology of money, of profit, the mythology of our humancentric stroy of this world. We’re the ones clinging to myth.” — Charles Bursell

Ep.237 (12/18/20) “Now We’re Talking!” – Haaland pick is Biden’s best, Bootlicker Bill’s obituary, and Spanish Anarchists showed it CAN be done.

Ep.236 (12/17/20) “200 Days” – Racial justice protests continue as white folks turn the page. Also: Making Facebook a public utility, AOC on Pelosi and Biden.

Ep.235 (12/16/20) “Why Aren’t You a Socialist Yet?” – Giannis signs for millions, MacKenzie Scott donates billions, Congress spends trillions, and Steve Schmidt is… a Democrat? Just another day in Capitalist America.

Ep.234 (12/15/20) “Baby, It’s Bad Out There– From cringy Holiday songs to dangerous right-wing politics, let’s not accept bad art and dumb opinion over informed, considered discernment.

Ep.233 (12/14/20) “Suck it, Centrists– Joe Biden and his Centrist supporters can kiss my Lefty ass. As long as they hold power, we are at the mercy of climate deniers, billionaires, white supremacists, and the pandemic.

Ep.232 (12/11/20) “Christmas Movies Critiqued– Are you more of a “It’s a Wonderful Life” person or a “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” person? Also: Bernie and Greta are still fighting for us, and it takes two for TIME’s 2020 Person of the Year.

Ep.231 (12/10/20) “Crossing a Threshold– Talk of violence, sedition, and the overturning of democratic elections by Deplorables at every level have us in brand new territory.

Ep.230 (12/9/20) “Dystopia USA– White House tennis pavilion celebrated at the height of a pandemic, armed testosterone cases considered public safety, and money decides which human lives are “essential.” Would any sane society devise this system?

Ep.229 (12/8/20) “Storming the Castle– All Joe needs is a little Anarchy in his game. Also: taking over red states one U-Haul at a time, and invading Da Yoopers!

Ep.228 (12/7/20) “They Said What?– How history will judge us as Covid deaths approach historic wartime comparisons. Plus: 2020’s notable quotes and yes, Progressives have the numbers to rule.

Ep.227 (12/4/20) “We Can’t Have Nice Things– While Joe caves and Covid rages, some good news: Congress, DOJ stand up to The Orange Menace and Monoliths keep coming. Also, advice to Dems: go big now then run on it in ’22.

Ep.226 (12/3/20) “Worry and Hope– Disquieting sense memories, counting death, an 800-year night sky event, and resisting for 48 more days.

Ep.225 (12/2/20) “Power and Mystery– Mysterious monoliths, a test for political fitness, and: this existential global emergency is not a particularly good time for psychopaths to hold the reins of power.

Ep.224 (12/1/20) “Supreme Hacks– Slow slog to inauguration as Joe’s polls rise, SCOTUS stinks on religio/census, and a Rosa Parks anniversary. Who would you be?

Ep.223 (11/30/20) “How to Be Seven– The word of the year, nobody wants my politics, and big choices for 7-year-olds.

Ep.222 (11/27/20) “Black Friday– A Pulp Fiction reunion, inseminating space, testing UBI, unionizing Amazon, and the untold origin of “Black Friday.”

Ep.221 (11/26/20) “The Log’s Thanksgivingest Holiday– A motley collection of dinner guests perform a First Thanksgiving pageant and battle Black Friday.

Ep.220 (11/25/20) “Making History– Bernie’s “Roots” revelation. Pumping the breaks on Fascism. Also: supporting a family on one income.

Ep.219 (11/24/20) “Game Over– The Tackiness of 70s Game Shows was quaint compared to the wild exit of Reality TV’s most vulgar villain.

Ep.218 (11/19/20) “Save Thanksgiving– You can still have the whole Peanuts gang over for Thanksgiving this year, but PLEASE restrict your table to ONLY those who live in your household.

Ep.217 (11/18/20) “Healing Justice– Healing the nation and bringing the Orange Menace to justice is not an either/or proposition. We’ll never heal until he and his enablers go down hard.

Ep.216 (11/17/20) “Enemy of my Enemy– The CCP makes a mocery of human rights, 70 million Deplorables at home, and a Centrist in the White House. What’s a Lefty to do?

Ep.215 (11/16/20) “Work, Buy, Die– Capitalism is the deadliest virus. Also: Bars, Bernie and Scalia have our back, and WEAR A MASK!

Ep.214 (11/13/20) “Why Thirteen?– Why is Friday the 13th unlucky? We don’t know. Wear a mask!

Ep.213 (11/12/20) “Wear a Mask!– Today’s show is about – oh, who cares – just wear a damn mask!

Ep.212 (11/11/20) “Detrumpification– This is the Dems last and final chance to get it right by embracing the Left.

Ep.211 (11/10/20) “Undivided– The US is NOT divided. Americans widely agree on the issues and if not for voter suppression the Republican Party would be long extinct.

Ep.210 (11/9/20) “Good News First– There’s plenty to still fight about and those fights are important, so don’t get complacent. But first, let’s celebrate some good news.

Ep.209 (11/6/20) “Good, Bad, Ugly– The Orange Menace defiled not only the presidency but the sacred institution of the vote itself.

Ep.208 (11/5/20) “Counting On It– The count says it’s over, but we still gotta live with each other. Yikes!

Ep.207 (11/4/20) “Election Night 2020– Wisconsin breaks late for Joe while The Orange Menace breaks America and we wait for Ypsilanti.

Ep.206 (11/3/20) “Election Day 2020– Votes, violence, lawyers, last words, and hopes for a rescued democracy.

Ep.205 (11/2/20) “Fighting the Deplorables– From hicks in trucks to local cops to a coordinated U.S. domestic military, violent voter intimidation is here. Our only response: a massive turnout at the polls and in the streets.

Ep.204 (10/30/20) “Cry Wolf– Wolves endangered by The Orange Menace because, of course. Election night looms. 

Ep.203 (10/29/20) “Paying for Peanuts– Prepping for election night, Apple snuffs out Snoopy, and Jim Carry can’t find Joe Biden. 

Ep.202 (10/28/20) “Deja Vu Again– Killer cops and Covid continue. 

Ep.201 (10/27/20) “Court Hacking– The right-wing hijacks the courts. The Amazing Randi dies just when we need him most. 

Ep.200 (10/16/20) “Super Joe– It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s.. Joe Biden?! Hero voters defy suppression. The orange caricature grows more absurd. 

Ep.199 (10/15/20) “The Dr. Johnny Bananas Show!– Bucky Badger leads the Covid march and SCOTUS hearings most arbitrary and capricious

Ep.198 (10/14/20) “Get Smart– Anti-intellectualism, pseudo-intellectualism, and a defense of education

Ep.197 (10/13/20) “Handmaid Tale– Talking to conservatives, Repugs take the Court, and a Barrett broadside

Ep.196 (10/12/20)Indigenous Peoples Day” – It’s time to hand the keys to America back to the original owners

Ep.195 (10/9/20) “Build This Feud” – Bobblehead Mike, progressives for Biden, abolish Tosa police, challenging Guy Raz to a radio feud

Ep.194 (10/8/20) “Ninja Kamala” – Kamala Harris destroyed Bobble Head Mike who, by the way, lies as easily as his boss but does it in an especially creepy and insidious way

Ep.193 (10/7/20) “Bright Sunshiny Day” – Trying to see clearly beyond all obstacles in our way: climate crisis, hunger, and our steroid-charged super villain

Ep.192 (10/6/20) “Mad Existence” – Evita on steroids, SNL season premiere, Edgar Allan Posing, and foul-mouthed parrots

Ep.191 (10/5/20) “Happy Ending” – The nation and the world would be well served if, like a Shakespeare tragedy, the main character died

Ep.190 (10/01/20) “Chaos Theory” – The Nihilist-in-Chief wants to create so much chaos that you give up on politics altogether. Fall for it and you might as well just put on a MAGA hat.

Ep.189 (9/30/20) “Record Lows” – The racist in chief out-shouted his incompetent dotard opponent in a dumpster fire debate. Can we impeach both of them? 

Ep.188 (9/29/20) “Prosecution and Redemption” – As world Covid deaths top 1 million, Americans are called on to save their dying democracy. But how?

Ep.187 (9/28/20) “Subservient Justice” – Amy Coney Barrett provides a “poignant” moment. Also, we still don’t miss live TV audiences.

Ep.186 (9/25/20) “Power, Tradition, and Democracy” – America’s tattered present and tenuous future.

Ep.185 (9/24/20) “Another New Low” – A travesty of justice in Kentucky and an all-out attack on US elections.

Ep.184 (9/23/20) “Life as Art” – A personal tribute to improv pioneer Dudley Riggs. Also, Rolling Stone Magazine’s top ten albums of all time.

Ep.183 (9/22/20) “2020 Train Wreck” – 200,000 US Covid deaths and counting. The Democrat’s last chance.

Ep.182 (9/21/20) “A World Without Ruth” – The loss of RBG coincides with the loss of our collective shit.

Ep.181 (9/18/20) “A Post-Covid Future” – Yancey Strickler’s forward looking essay on resilience, technology, collective courage, and the limits of growth.

Ep.180 (9/17/20) “Bad Cop, Bad Cop” – TV recommendation, f%&k the police, supporting protester “crimes,” Bootlicker Bill’s fascist fantasies.

Ep.179 (9/16/20) “No Profit, No Hate” – The great pot drop, zoom aesthetics, and cashing in on chaos.

Ep.178 (9/15/20) “The Joke’s Over” – The Orange Menace is a serious and imminent mortal threat. It’s time to tell him that to his face, on camera.

Ep.177 (9/14/20) “Good & Evil” – The Princess Bride reunion got us all in the feels, and that’s great. But when it comes to climate, economic, and social injustice – the crimes against humanity trifecta – f**k your feelings, it’s time for restitution.

Ep.176 (9/11/20) “American Dunces” – Of America’s myriad problems, our lack of smarts might be the most serious.

Ep.175 (9/10/20) “Rage Against Trump” – History’s first draft has been brutal to the Orange Menace.

Ep.174 (9/9/20) “Up In Arms” – Falwell’s freak flag, snail mail 2020, a grammar hole, SCOTUS on the ballot, a new MD “telethon.”

Ep.173 (9/8/20) “You Started It!” – Headline catch-up, defending the military, playing the blame game.

Ep.172 (8/28/20) “RNC Jumps the Shark” – Profoundly racist tropes, cringey code, carnage, fiction, and way more sports heroes than you would expect.

Ep.171 (8/27/20) “RNC Liefest, Day 2” – Repugs’ parade of populist propaganda.

Ep.170 (8/26/20) “Kenosha Deja vu Plus” – The street fight against racism continues and intensifies in Kenosha.

Ep.169 (8/25/20) “RNC Liefest, Day 1” – RNC’s first night is fact free, but plenty of laughs.

Ep.168 (8/24/20) “RNC Preview” – Dems’ campaign shell game, how to survive the RNC, family drama, Rose Garden debacle.

Ep.167 (8/21/20) “DNC for Lefties, Day 4” – Joe crushed expectations. Julia Louis Dreyfus was hilarious. Period.

Ep.166 (8/20/20) “DNC for Lefties, Day 3” – Obama rocks the best political speech of the century as Dems lose the maudlin sentimentality and go bold on issues. 

Ep.165 (8/19/20) “DNC for Lefties, Day 2” – AOC’s stark contrast to Dems’ soft soap hard sell. 

Ep.164 (8/18/20) “DNC for Lefties, Day 1” – Dems ace their TV production, eviscerate Trump, Bernie’s final plea the ONLY nod to Progressives. 

Ep.163 (8/17/20) “DNC for Lefties, Preview” – Previewing the Democratic National Convention from a Lefty perspective. 

Ep.162 (8/13/20) “The Virus King” – Seth Meyers is Covid Era’s late-night king. Also, security fences, Joe’s administration won’t eat babies, and today’s sermon: “Love Your Enemy.” 

Ep.161 (8/12/20) “Progressive?” – Kamala Harris now defines the Democratic Party. What are real Progressives to do now? 

Ep.160 (8/11/20) “Masters and Hacks” – Jerry Falwell Jr, Ellen, and Oprah don’t matter. Plus: You don’t really love music after all

Ep.159 (8/10/20) “Where’s the Melody?” – T-shirt roulette, the last days of Immanuel Kant, the benefits of scrolling, musings on melody

Ep.158 (8/7/20) “Love Me, I’m a Liberal”Recent favorite memes and tweets

Ep.157 (8/6/20) “Bothsideism is a Racket”‘Objectivity’ makes millions for the media and is a moral cop-out for the rest of us

Ep.156 (8/5/20) “Fact-Checking the Axios Interview” – The latest presidential interview was an absurdist improv sketch

Ep.155 (8/4/20) “Radio & Culture” – Thile’s ‘Live From Here’ too good for Public Radio so they axed it

Ep.154 (8/3/20) “The Squad 2024” – Biden should commit to one term and hand 2024 to The Squad

Ep.153 (7/31/20) “GDP, Democide, God speaks” – Why the GDP nosedive is great news, Democidal maniac in the White House, John Lewis’ final words

Ep.152 (7/30/20) “2020 Hindsight” – History will judge harshly the virus deniers and anti-BLM deplorables along with their dark money creators.

Ep.151 (7/29/20) Joe Speaks” – Extended excerpts of Joe Biden presenting his economic plan and taking reporters’ questions.  

Ep.150 (7/28/20) Police, Profits & Propaganda” – Big media cashing in on Trump’s reality war. Becoming a cop is too easy.

Ep.149 (7/27/20) “Skulduggery” – Right wing duplicity re activist’s murder and Covid deaths. 99 days to election!  

Ep.148 (7/24/20) “Risky Business” – The riskiest jobs during a pandemic. Self-care Bingo.  An anti-politics lecture from Karen. And, how to remove The Orange Menace now.  

Ep.147 (7/23/20) “Cops & Politics” – Airtight defund/abolish numbers versus brazen political theatre.  

Ep.146 (7/22/20) “Bags, Blowers, and Hockey Sticks” – Sports, bars and restaurants, protests, politics, and the virus – What kind of games are we playing here?  

Ep.145 (7/21/20) “Death Math” – Stop manipulating Covid death numbers! Seriously, cut it out (and wear a damn mask).

Ep.144 (7/20/20) “Standing Alone” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg continues to meet the “moral obligation” that John Lewis asked of us. Time for all of us to step up.

Ep.143 (7/17/20) “This Isn’t Working” – Hiding data, racist “suburbs” and the art of the shun.

Ep.142 (7/16/20) “Masking Power” – Deaths mount as government flounders. Also, Biden’s environment plan, and a reminder: Capitalism still sucks.  

Ep.141 (7/15/20) “The New Abolitionist” – Tax Day, capital punishment, and a list of institutions to abolish. Be radical. Be serious. Act now. 

Ep.140 (7/14/20) “Bastille Day” – Things French: Revolution, Pepe Le Pew, and some really cool music. 

Ep.139 (7/13/20) “A Case of the Mondays” – Gigging in the ‘burbs, ugly Hawaiian shirts, news anchors hawking local business, forced virus labor, distraction v connection. 

Ep.138 (7/10/20) “RIP Mimi” – Mimi Soltysic tribute. Bary Area gentrification, and Republicans’ new message on the virus: “live with it.”

Ep.137 (7/9/20) “Only Lives Matter” – Good ideas and individual actions alone aren’t enough – legislators’ hands must be forced.   

Ep.136 (7/8/20) “Cancel Culture” – Boomer cultural elites fear getting “canceled.”

Ep.135 (7/7/20) “Do-Nothing Propaganda” – History’s biggest losers, the Garden of Heroes, and Conservatives don’t hear lyrics.   

Ep.134 (7/6/20) “Freedumb!” – Lefties are having a moment right now, especially in contrast to the “Freedumb” movement.

Ep.133 (7/3/20) “Topple ’em all!” – Why the State should never immortalize anybody.  

Ep.132 (7/2/20) “Argue or Motivate?” – The anti-intellectual crowd may hate scientists but they love motivational speakers. Is that the key to reach them?  

Ep.131 (7/1/20) “White Oppression” – Bill Maher is getting it all wrong on race. 

Ep.130 (6/30/20) “Are you really a radical?” – Moderates seem radical only compared to the Fascist state they live in. Does that describe you? 

Ep.129 (6/29/20) “It didn’t have to get this bad” – A doctor doesn’t tell their patient to “come back after you’ve hit rock bottom.” Let’s treat our political ills now and get on a wellness course STAT.

 Ep.128 (6/26/20) “The Ignorance of Privilege” – Calling the Left race baiters and hate monger are pot/kettle accusations.

Ep.127 (6/25/20) “Memorabilia” – Jettisoning the trash in our personal history.

Ep.126 (6/24/20) “Fire and Fury” – A sensational story in Milwaukee reveals the impotence of police and the effectiveness of radical community action. 

Ep.125 (6/23/20) “A Generational Moment” – By trolling the Orange Menace Gen Z makes its first score in a generational moment.

Ep.124 (6/22/20) “None of This is Normal” – Bolton book, Fox spin, Stacey Abrams, and virus denial.

Ep.123 (6/19/20) “Celebrate!” – Juneteenth, Summer Solstice, and Scenes from a Perfect World.

 Ep.122 (6/18/20) “The State v Whites, Inc.” – The role of Whites in adjudicating justice for Black Lives.

Ep.121 (6/17/29) “Ignoring the Obvoius” – White folks’ stories, what not to criticize, and pretending the virus is over.    

Ep.120 (6/16/20) “Living History” – How will you look in the history books?

Ep.119 (6/15/20) “Good News!” – Genuinely good news on BLM progress in the short term.

Ep.118 (6/12/20) “Fed Up-rising” – From 1619 to today, events providing context to the 2020 rebellion. 

Ep.117 (6/11/20) “Respect My Authoritah!” – Whining cops, redefining racism, and other small stories in a big time. 

Ep.116 (6/10/20) “Tr*mp’s Putin Cosplay” – Russia’s hand in Lafayette Park attack, an upstart right-wing network, and oh, there’s still a pandemic.  

Ep.115 (6/9/20) “The Future of Privilege” – Acknowledging white privilege is only step one. It’s time to destroy the systems that maintain and uphold privilege. 

Ep.114 (6/8/20) “Winning! – Aggressive cops and the wannabe strongman face-plant as global protests have already resulted in real and rapid political action, setting the stage for further wide-ranging reform.

Ep.113 (6/5/20) “Abolish the Police” – It’s not as radical as it sounds. Massive police budgets should be reallocated to better equipped, non-violent agencies, virtually abolishing police departments as we know them today.    

Ep.112 (6/4/20) “Different Worlds” – Huge protests continue, white guilt, and “Shorewood Guy” illustrates two different worlds.   

Ep.111 (6/3/20) “This Ain’t the ‘60s” – Boomers need to shut up about the 60s and follow a new generation of activist leaders.

Ep.110 (6/2/20) “The Fog of a Deeper War” – An open letter from “Antifa” and Dr. Cornel West on the big picture.

Ep.109 (6/1/20) “White Guy Talking” – White folks need to abolish the system designed for their benefit.  

Ep.108 (5/29/20) “Language of The Unheard” – A third night of protests in Minneapolis triggers old debates about violence and justice.

Ep.107 (5/28/20) “Anti-Racism” – Being a white ally, Pelosi fights for Heroes Act, PA State Repugs hide members’ Covid case from exposed Dems.

Ep.106 (5/27/20) “Much Very Good Information”The Good News Industrial Complex, George Floyd, Karen, and bad translations. Opinion and news with Charles Bursell   

Ep.105 (5/26/20) “That’s How They Get Ya”Favorite films, decluttering, and a reminder to not let them get you. How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

Ep.104 (5/22/20) “Waste Not” – Before we go out and buy new ones, we empty the cupboard of headlines we’ve missed the last few days and weeks. Culture, politics – well, mostly politics.  

Ep.103 (5/21/20) “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” – Good news, bad news, and staying in the game against the virus.

Ep.102 (5/20/20) “Guard Your Potatoes!”Stay-at-home saved lives, pandemic profiteering and the coming transformation. 

Ep.101 (5/19/20) “Before It’s Too Late”Hydroxychloroquine, stay-home defiance sets a potential time-bomb, the beauty of big government, and Bernie’s greatest hits.   

Ep.100 (5/18/20) “Commencing” – A Lefty critique of Barack Obama’s commencement address. 

Ep.99 (5/15/20) “Applause, Applause!” – A big thank you to all of you learning the ultimate lesson of the virus, that each life touches every life.

Ep.98 (5/14/20) “Open Schmopen” – Yeah, people will die. But I want to drink and get my nails done. WTF?

Ep.97 (5/13/20) “Baby Trump”Wild(er) animals, Neanderthal news, and the best use of deep-fake technology to date. 

Ep.96 (5/12/20) “Would You Kill Baby Hitler?” – Moral dilemmas in the time of the virus.

Ep.95 (5/11/20) “Moving Online” – The challenge and opportunity for live performers moving to online shows. 

Ep.94 (5/8/20) “The Conspiracy Virus “ – A vicious loop of loony lies opens another front in the virus wars.   

Ep.93 (5/7/20)

Ep.92 (5/6/20)

Ep.91 (5/5/20)

Ep.90 (5/4/20)

Ep.89 (5/1/20) “May Day! May Day!” – Workers strike for their lives during pandemic. Plus all the things we’re not talking about: Joe Biden, investor profiteering, and those cheesy corporate covid ads (“we’re here for you”). 

Ep.88 (4/30/20)

Ep.87 (4/29/20)

Ep.86 (4/28/20)

Ep.85 (4/27/20)

Ep.84 (4/24/20) “The Evil & The Dumb” – A tiny coalition is flexing its outsized power. 

Ep.83 (4/23/20)

Ep.82 (4/22/20)

Ep.81 (4/21/20)

Ep.80 (4/20/20)

Ep.79 (4/17/20) “Their Money, Your Life” – Sacrificing lives for our fictional god “The Economy”   

Ep.78 (4/16/20)

Ep.77 (4/15/20)

Ep.76 (4/14/20) 

Ep.75 (4/13/20)

Ep.74 (4/10/20) “Say it ain’t so! Joe?” – Bernie and Joe, day 2.  

Ep.73 (4/9/20) “Bernie and Joe” – Bernie Sanders’ address on the suspension of his campaign and Joe Biden’s statement of response – in full.   

Ep.72 (4/8/20)

Ep.71 (4/7/20)

Ep.70 (4/6/20)

Ep.69 (4/3/20) Masking the Problem”Did the CDC delay the recommendation of masks until after U.S. Senators could adjust their stock portfolios?  

Ep.68 (4/2/20)

Ep.67 (4/1/20)

Ep.66 (3/31/20)

Ep.65 (3/30/20)

Ep.64 (3/27/20)

Ep.63 (3/26/20)

Ep.62 (3/25/20)

Ep.61 (3/24/20)

Ep.60 (3/23/20) 

Ep.59 (3/21/20) “Seeking The Cure” – A pretend TV president is no remedy

Ep.58 (3/14/20) “Cor-oh-no!” – Isolating from the virus of bad information. Bernie’s last stand.

Ep.57 (3/7/20) “Voters, Not Pundits” – Our pundit fetish is making us terrible voters.  

 Ep.56 (2/29/20) “Match Us a Match!” – On the eve of Super Tuesday Democrats lose their f*ing minds over Bernie, while The Fascist in Chief marches on.

Ep.55 (2/22/20) “No TV” – You can call it “streaming” but it’s still just TV and it’s as moronic and manipulative as it ever was. 

Ep.54 (2/15/20) “Starting Over” – The Republican votes on Impeachment were democracy’s final death knell, just as the 2020 Primaries officially began, putting us in a nine-month election countdown to a new democracy.

Ep.53 (2/8/20) “Best of Season One”– On our first anniversary, highlights of season one includes stories, poetry, and radio theatre with Chuck & Chucky and the CBP Players. Also, rare archive tape of The Log from 1933.

Ep.52 (2/1/20) “Democracy is dead. Long live democracy!” – “I’m rubber you’re glue” defeats “If it quacks like a duck” in the aborted impeachment trial, marking the official end of American democracy. This sets up the period between now and Election Day as the most consequential since the nation’s founding.

Ep.51 (1/25/20) “Paradox of the Heap” – When is a pile of sand NOT a pile of sand? Also: Snow isn’t the problem, cars are.  And: Don’t do the KC tomahawk chop.

 Ep.50 (1/18/20) “Rock Paper Scissors Journalism” – A simple game to help you be a better news aggregator. Also, political migration: Blue voters should move to Red states and take them over. Easy! 

 Ep.49 (1/11/20) “Escaping Fortune” – New Year mulligans, Iran plan, cookie etiquette, and dodging death.  

 Ep.48 (1/4/20) “Radical, Not” – You’re probably not a radical, but you should be. Plus, an addendum to last week’s year/decade review. 

Ep.47 (12/28/19) “New Year’s Review/Preview” – 2019 year in review, looking back at the 10’s and looking ahead to the 20’s  

Ep.46 (12/21/19) “Small Town Christmas” – Host Charles Bursell talks with singer/songwriter Peter Donalds and plays songs from his album “Small Town Christmas” 

Ep.45 (12/14/19) “Throw the book at him”The wannabe crime boss will face an impeachment trial. Democrats have chosen a narrow path, but the country, and history, would have been better served by throwing the book at him.  

Ep.44 (12/7/19) “The day I met Jimmy Carter” – The Media Bias chart, the “I don’t care” philosophy, prayers for Jimmy Carter, and The Ten Commitments.

Ep.43 (11/30/19) “Sing! Dance! Shoot! Shout! Shop!” – Hunters, Hamilton, Fascists, (ok) Boomers, and a dime store Oprah.

Ep.42 (11/23/19) “The Thanksgivingest Holiday” – A motley collection of guests perform a First Thanksgiving pageant then hit the table for turkey and talk on politics, gender, food, death, memes and more. Also, there’s too much hollering in the world. 

Ep.41 (11/16/19) Climate crisis, white supremacy, and economic injustice. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez connect the dots and lay out their vision. Writer/activist Naomi Klein opens.

Ep.40 (11/9/19) Economic injustice, a dire climate warning, and the end of Tr*mp. Resetting The Log’s mission topics. 

Ep.39 (11/1/19) The Log Halloween Special: “Fear, Death, and Desire” – Radio theatre, improvised music, poetry, and a ghost story, along with conversation on the meaning of the Scary Season. 

Ep.38 (10/26/19) Turns out we were wrong: Dylan really can sing, autumn leaves shouldn’t be raked, and Trump’s really going down this time.

Ep.37 (10/19/19) – Ranking the Dems, predicting the ticket, and pondering Anarchy. Chucky Bucky critiques the pub crowd. Uncle Chuck recites poetry.

Ep.36 (10/12/19) How food and comedy will save us: Family farms are a gazillion times better than Big Ag, and a better world through better jokes.

Ep.35 (10/5/19) The OJ Trial, Monty Python, Che Guevara, war, FOX, Poe and more. This week in history with commentators Chuck and Chucky. 

Ep.34 (9/28/19) Climate Revolution! – Defeating climate crisis requires the overthrow of Capitalism, the restoration of democracy, and radical individual lifestyle reform, all of which have huge upsides.

Ep.33 (9/21/19) What would Howard Zinn think about Ken Burns’ “Country Music” series? Also: faulty professors, the good news about Nationalism, watching the world burn and… there’s no such thing as white people?

Ep.32 (9/14/19) Democracy Psych! The F-word, self-loathing, Bernie updates, and the real Left because brain. Guests: Chuck and Chucky.
Ep.31 (9/7/19) The world’s politics and climate are both in crisis. Proposed solutions will force the ultimate choice between incompatible world views. 

Ep.30 (8/31/19) Labor news and politics, Charles Bursell kicks off his 2020 Liberty/Justice campaign. Analysts Chuck & Chucky on the big stories NOT in the news. 

Ep.29 (8/24/19) Abolish money, ban guns, open borders, and return stolen land to First Nations. Charles Bursell brings his issues to the 2020 Presidential campaign. 

Ep.28 (8/17/19) No plastic, no guns, no cops, no borders, and people belong to the land – not the other way ’round. SFPW episodes 11-15. 

Ep.27 (8/10/19) Billy gets Grandpa Jake to tell the whole story of how his generation destroyed money forever. The boys celebrate the summer holidays in a perfect world. SFPW episodes 7-10.

Ep.26 (8/3/19) It’s 70 Years in the future and all problems are solved. Follow the adventures of Jake, Pat, and Billy, as they try to handle it. Episodes 1-6 of “Scenes From a Perfect World” as heard weekly on The Log.

Ep.25 (7/27/19) Hear Mueller’s compelling story of conspiracy and obstruction in a format you’ll actually enjoy. No made-for-TV highlights, no pompous punditry, and NO Republicans! Extended excerpts with all the fat cut out.

Ep.24 (7/20/19) How to respond to Trump’s latest all-time low. Musician Peter Donalds celebrates the Apollo 11 Anniversary with his favorite moon songs. Episode 13 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.23 (7/13/19) Think you know the best climate crisis solutions? Test yourself. Speaking of solutions, let’s fix that border emergency. Episode 12 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.22 (7/6/19) They put “happy” stories at the end of newscasts to lull you back to sleep. Climate crisis and #trumpcamps are not TV shows you can turn off. 

Ep.21 (6/29/19) The 2020 Dems are off and running. Highlights from Charles Bursell’s Democratic Debate watch party. Guests: Chucky Bucky and Uncle Chuck.

Ep.20 (6/22/19) The 19th Amendment, Juneteenth, Solstice, and Pride make June the best month. So says Charles Bursell with guest co-host Chucky Bucky. Episode 10 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.19 (6/15/19) Climate Crisis solutions are right in front of us. They’re cool, they’ll work, and we should be excited. Episode 9 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.18 (6/8/19)Mike Rowe and Gary Sinise are lauded for their generous philanthropy, but there’s a downside. Also: the new price of war, social anarchy, free TVs, and saying the shooter’s name. Episode 8 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.

Ep.17 (6/1/19) Pride Month is here! Robert Mueller has a voice. Dreams of friendship and defiance. Episode 7 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.16 (5/25/19) Don’t let outrage over the news depress you – make it sustainable and holistic. Charles Bursell delivers his 2019 commencement speech. Episode 6 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.15 (5/18/19) Barbaric abortion bills and the Republican playbook. Political advice for 2020 (a two-woman ticket!) and beyond. Episode 5 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.14 (5/11/19) Over a million species will be driven to extinction without fundamental changes to world economics and agriculture.  A turning point toward impeachment for Agent Orange. Episode 4 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.13 (5/4/19) Burned-out or overwhelmed by the news? Charles Bursell makes the case for keeping up. Episode 3 of “Scenes From a Perfect World.”

Ep.12 (4/27/19) Thunberg, Attenborough, and McKibben on the urgent need to reverse climate change. Income inequality and the assault on democracy. AOC’s “A Message From the Future.” Premiere of the new serial “Scenes From a Perfect World”(episodes 1 and 2). 

Ep.11 (4/20/19) Charles Bursell on the Notre Dame fire and public reaction. Analysis of the Mueller report with Chuck and Chucky. 

Ep.10 (4/13/19) Charles Bursell breaks down Stephen Miller’s white supremacist US immigration policy and Chuck & Chucky analyze the week’s news: The black hole image, Israeli elections, Julian Assange arrest, “acting” federal officials, and Ohio’s heartbeat bill.

Ep.9 (4/6/19) Uncle Joe is a man of the past. Agent Orange is the first American President. Individual and collective solutions to climate change. The milk and cereal conundrum, weird PETA ads, and free food from Socialists.

Ep.8 (3/30/19) “New Studies” on the cost of US trade tariffs, the pain of gentrification, pointless trigger warnings, and hawking kids’ snacks with cartoon characters. Charles Bursell hosts a family discussion about the Mueller Report and the very very bad media. 

Ep.7 (3/23/19) A preinvasion indigenous concept of “ownership,” either/or/both/more followup, and a 1933 episode of The Log with Lionel Bursell.  Your personal invitation to three happenings at the New Arts & Media studios.

Ep.6 (3/16/19) The Tim “Apple” story is fake news. How the world would be a much better place without money. Podcast suggestions.

Ep.5 (3/9/19) The hubris of Daylight Saving, Chucky Bucky on Catholic reform, ceding America back to Native Tribes, and “It’s almost never either/or, it’s almost always both and more.”

Ep.4 (3/2/19) The full hour is dedicated to Michael Cohen’s testimony before House Oversight & Reform Committee. Includes Chairman Elijah Cummings complete and uninterrupted  closing statement.

Ep.3 (2/23/19) Andrew McCabe and media literacy, Bernie and the 2020 Dems. Conspiracy theories, appeal to authority, and Occam’s Razor.

Ep.2 (2/16/19) Socialism v Capitalism, blue voter migration, State Legislatures at their worst, news analysis with Chuck and Chucky.

Ep.1 (2/9/19) Warhol/Dylan Super Bowl ads, AOC’s Green New Deal, State of the Union fact check.