The Log

Charles Bursell’s weekly offering of news and opinion, served on a bed of sculpted sound and music. New episodes are posted on Friday afternoons.


Ep.11 – Charles Bursell on the Notre Dame fire and public reaction. Analysis of the Mueller report with Chuck and Chucky. 


Ep.10 – Charles Bursell breaks down Steven Miller’s white supremacist US immigration policy and Chuck & Chucky analyze the week’s news: The black hole image, Israeli elections, Julian Assange arrest, “acting” federal officials, and Ohio’s heartbeat bill.


Ep.9 – Uncle Joe is a man of the past. Agent Orange is the first American President. Individual and collective solutions to climate change. The milk and cereal conundrum, weird PETA ads, and free food from Socialists.



Ep.8 – 3/30/19 – “New Studies” on the cost of US trade tariffs, the pain of gentrification, pointless trigger warnings, and hawking kids’ snacks with cartoon characters. Charles Bursell hosts a family discussion about the Mueller Report and the very very bad media. 

Ep.7 – 3/23/19 – A preinvasion indigenous concept of “ownership,” either/or/both/more followup, and a 1933 episode of The Log with Lionel Bursell.  Your personal invitation to three happenings at the New Arts & Media studios.

Ep.6 – 3/16/19 – The Tim “Apple” story is fake news. How the world would be a much better place without money. Podcast suggestions.

Ep.5 – 3/9/19 – The hubris of Daylight Saving, Chucky Bucky on Catholic reform, ceding America back to Native Tribes, and “It’s almost never either/or, it’s almost always both and more.”

Ep.4 – 3/2/19 – The full hour is dedicated to Michael Cohen’s testimony before House Oversight & Reform Committee. Includes Chairman Elijah Cummings complete and uninterrupted  closing statement.

Ep.3 – 2/23/19 – Andrew McCabe and media literacy, Bernie and the 2020 Dems. Conspiracy theories, appeal to authority, and Occam’s Razor.

Ep.2 – 2/16/19 – Socialism v Capitalism, blue voter migration, State Legislatures at their worst, news analysis with Chuck and Chucky.

Ep.1 – 2/9/19 – Warhol/Dylan Super Bowl ads, AOC’s Green New Deal, State of the Union fact check.


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