Charles Bursell’s eclectic career pursuits include visual art, music, theatre, television & radio, education, and even a stint in local politics. He has been featured on National Public Radio, The Pacifica Radio Network, and SiriusXM, and currently hosts the podcast Charles Bursell Presents.  Also available on this site are his podcasts Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre, Conversations, and About an Hour. Bursell holds degrees in Philosophy (BA), Interdisciplinary Creative Arts (MA), and Communications (MSE). 

“Whether it’s a drawing, a song, a radio play, or an essay, at the heart of my work is what I hope is social criticism that offers a better way for us to share the planet. I started in the days before social media, before everyone was a “social critic.” These days, when I research a topic I often find my thoughts expressed well by another artist or commentator so I simply share the link. But when I find my idea is unique, or not being expressed adequately, I feel compelled to present it as best I can.” – CB

Email: charlesbursell@gmail.com  

Follow: facebook.com/charlesbursell



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