Charles Bursell’s eclectic professional career has included visual art, music, theatre, education, television & radio, and even a stint in local politics. He holds degrees in Philosophy (BA), Interdisciplinary Creative Arts (MA), and Communications (MSE).

As a radio producer and host he has been featured on National Public Radio, SiriusXM, and The Pacifica Radio Network where he co-created the audio art series Neo Radio with Frank Skillman.

Bursell’s current podcasts are The Log, a daily offering of news and opinion, and Charles Bursell Presents, a weekly mix of scripted and improv radio theater, spoken word, and audio art with musical director Peter Donalds and the CBP Ensemble.  Recent projects include the improv ensemble Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre, About an Hour (with Dunzo Donalds), and Conversations.

“Whether it’s a visual or a song, a radio play or straight commentary, my goal is to explore more suitable ways for us to share the planet. When I find my ideas expressed better by another artist or writer I happily share the link. But if it needs to be said, and it’s not being said, I try to say it” – CB

Email: charlesbursell@gmail.com  

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