Charles Bursell’s eclectic career pursuits have included visual art, music, theatre, television & radio, education, and even a stint in local politics. He has been featured on National Public Radio, SiriusXM, and The Pacifica Radio Network where he co-created and hosted the audio art series Neo Radio (with Frank Skillman).

Other projects include the improv ensemble Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre, About an Hour with Dunzo & Bursell, and Conversations.

His current project is a solo show, Charles Bursell Presents, a mix of scripted and improvised scenes, stories, and social commentary. Hear all of his podcasts, past and present, at https://charlesbursell.com/

Bursell holds degrees in Philosophy (BA), Interdisciplinary Creative Arts (MA), and Communications (MSE).

“Whether it’s a drawing, a song, a radio play, or an essay, my goal is social criticism that offers more suitable ways for us to share the planet. When I find my ideas expressed better by another artist or commentator I happily share the link. But when I find my idea is unique, or not being expressed adequately, I feel compelled to present it as best I can.” – CB

Email: charlesbursell@gmail.com  

Follow: facebook.com/charlesbursell



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