CLOSING ARGUMENT #1: DEMOCRACY IS ON THE BALLOT Democracy itself is on the ballot. Republicans are out to create one-party rule in America. It’s already happening. Hundreds of voter suppression laws have passed. Partisan gerrymandering continues. Independent state election commissions dissolved. Republican Governors, Secretaries of State, and Legislators will dictate who gets to vote and […]

I’m Charles Bursell and I am running to be your next President. I announced my candidacy last week on my podcast and presented a few of my most important issues, namely: the abolition of guns, cops, the military, borders, and money. But it is not only about what we’re going to abolish. It’s really what […]

Once again the calendar has rolled around to the most magical, the most anticipated, the most glorious day of the year. No, not Cinco de Mayo… no, not Christmas…. no, not even the Super Bowl. For many Americans this day outshines them all: The return of Daylight Saving Time. And yes, I said daylight saving, […]

In a trial, the accused must be found guilty by a standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt. But the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were NOT a trial. It was never Dr. Ford’s (or other accusers’) obligation to “prove” their charges “beyond reasonable doubt” as it would be in a standard court of law. In fact, when […]

It’s going to take a temporary coalition of political and ideological enemies to impeach the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania and to extricate us (the U.S.) from his destructive rampage. Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents must join forces. And even, yes, even my people – the ones with whom I most closely align: The socialists, […]

If listening to live music is like having sex, we’re stuck in an endless rut of degrading one-night stands. There are many ways to listen to music. One way that we’re all familiar with is really fun: The music is loud! Pounding drums, wailing guitars, screaming vocals, and a thumping bass that vibrates from the […]

Talkers on the political right love the straw man technique. That’s where you invent an opponent easy to knock down and then you knock them down. You define Liberal arguments in such ridiculous terms to make them sound completely wacky or scary so your counterargument appears reasonable and even more, the only path to save […]