Conversations with Charles Bursell

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Conversations with Charles Bursell is a personal, free-flowing chat about life, politics, arts and culture. The host and guests happily stumble into areas they’re not so sure about for a little philosophical spelunking. 

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Ep.1: Theatre artist and HVAC technician Andres Garuz

Ep.2: Artist, poet, and performer Anja Notanja Sieger

Ep.3: Painter, performance artist, and vlogger The Skrauss

Ep. 4: Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Dr. Jan Van Schaik

Ep.5: Funeral director and newspaper columnist Patti Potter Fitchett

Ep.6: Singer/songwriter Peter Donalds

Ep.7: Improv artists Jonathan Wachala and Crysta Jarczynski

Ep.8: Upstanding American male Bill Nowicki

Ep.9: Three Millennials and a Boomer