It’s Time for Trump and Bernie to Dance


It’s Trump. There’s no turning back now. That being the case it is now imperative the Dems run Bernie. Here’s why.

  1. After a two term president the voters always want a change. Hillary is not a change after Obama.
  1. The turnout for Trump will be massive. His wildly entertaining reality show will continue through the Fall and the public enthusiasm will be through the roof. Only Bernie can counter that enthusiasm.
  1. There is absolutely no way in hell Hillary can deliver new and young voters. Bernie has proven that he can. And the Dems will need them. (See #2)
  1. Trump is actually right about his biggest issue, namely that Washington politicians are screwing you and wrecking the country. Voters agree. So does Bernie. Hillary doesn’t. She’s the third wheel in this election; it’s time for Trump and Bernie to dance.


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Charles Bursell is a writer, performer, host and commentator heard nationally on SiriusXM, National Public Radio, and The Pacifica Radio Network. He currently hosts the podcasts Stream of Consciousness Talk Radio Theatre and Conversations With Charles Bursell. Both shows, and more, can be found on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and

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