Fight Orwellian Scrubbing


Before his first full day in office, Pumpkinhead Tinyhands has already eliminated Civil Rights, Climate Change, and LGBTQ Rights from the White House Website. This act of scrubbing is literally right out of the pages of Orwell. Of course, it signals not just the end of particular words and pictures on a particular website. It states clearly that these issues are now verboten on the Federal Level.

We know that Tinyhands’ transition team has asked agencies to provide names of employees working on “climate change” and “gender equality.” Within the first days of the regime, the scrubbing of web pages will turn to the scrubbing of real flesh-and-blood people, and the scrubbing of the work they have accomplished on a myriad of issues anathema to The Pumpkinhead’s Weltanschauung.

Below are several screenshots I took this morning from Next, I went to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. I wanted to see what remained on that site today.  I’ll be very interested to see the site tomorrow, or next week, or next month. That’s why I took screen shots today – to compare.

We know from the Washington Post that since December “Scientists are frantically copying U.S. climate data, fearing it might vanish under Trump.” We should all follow their lead.

I am asking you to choose the Federal department or agency that interests you the most and, if it’s not too late, take screen shots to preserve the mission of these entities during the Pumpkinhead Purge. Archive the work that’s been done in recent years. There are boards, offices, commissions, centers, advisory councils, etc., on every conceivable topic. So, whether you are an artist, a teacher, a student interested in sustainable energies, whatever your passion, find your area, archive the material, and share it widely. Do it today. Do it right now.

I ask anyone with the capacity to do so to set up a clearing house where these materials can be stored, cataloged, organized, and made easily available online.

Here is that list of Federal departments and agencies:

And here are the screenshots I took this morning:


Well, I found “climate” and “change” but not together…




As you can see, “civil rights” can now only be found in history…



And here’s the front page of DOJ Civil Rights Division as it looks today. I wonder what it will look like tomorrow.










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