Many of us will be tempted to debate  the next Supreme Court nominee. Most of us, including myself, are woefully unqualified to do so. I won’t fall into the trap of pretending to be a Constitutional expert. But as a graduate of middle school civics, this I know: An independent, non-partisan judiciary is, by design, […]

In the classic comedy bit, Sister Mary Elephant begs her students to settle down. Today I am Sister Mary Elephant and I am talking (shouting) to Hillary and Bernie supporters.  “Class. Class! Class!! SHUT UP!!!!” Stop it. Just stop it. Stop vilifying your opponent in this Primary race. You can fight for your candidate without insulting the […]

Earlier this year when David Bowie died I was caught off-guard by the response. Sure, I knew Bowie was a big star. I also knew he was one of those rare celebrities who earned his adoration in a way I respect – by being a truly innovative and accomplished artist. But here’s my confession. When […]