The Log

Charles Bursell’s weekly offering of news and opinion, served on a bed of sculpted sound and music. New episodes are posted on Friday afternoons.

Ep.7 – A preinvasion indigenous concept of “ownership,” either/or/both/more followup, an episode of The Log from 1933, and your personal invitation to three happenings at the New Arts & Media studios.


Ep.6 – Don’t believe your ears, the Tim (Cook) Apple brouhaha was fake news. Creating a better world where money doesn’t exist is not only possible, it’s easy! An introduction to the family of podcasts under the “Charles Bursell Presents” umbrella.


Ep.5 – The hubris of Daylight Saving, ceding The United States back to its Indigenous Peoples, and breaking down the meme: “It’s almost never either/or, it’s almost always both and more.” Guest commentator Chucky Bucky suggests reforms to The Catholic Church in light of recent and long-standing scandals.


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