Nazi Salute at Trump Rally

Trump supporters in Milwaukee offered the Nazi salute Saturday at a rally attended by former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman. On last night’s TMJ4 newscast a field piece by reporter Stephanie Haines clearly showed four demonstrators give the “Sieg Heil” salute. The shocking video brought no comment from either Haines or news anchor Katie Crowther.

I saw the piece and immediately messaged TMJ4:

“On your news tonight after the game (Saturday) I clearly saw trump protesters giving the Nazi salute to counter-demonstrators. No mention from reporter or anchor. Could you check your tape and please tell me if I’m mistaken? Thanks”

I woke up early this morning to this message from Channel 4, sent at 2:26AM:

“…we are sorry you saw this. We have edited the story so this does not air this way again. We have opened an inquiry with our management team on how to proceed. While we cannot confirm that was the intention of the demonstrators, we can certainly see where that could be interpreted. Again, we apologize that this hit our air. Please trust that we will make it right.”

My response: 

“Thanks. Please don’t ‘hide’ it – report it. Kind of a big deal.” I then flipped on Channel 4 knowing their early morning news typically repeats stories from the previous night. Yep – they repeated the story and video package as shown Saturday night with only one change: the Nazi salute was edited out of the piece.

I messaged TMJ4 again:

“I just saw the 5:52 edited version of the story. Please understand, I wasn’t offended that you showed it, I was pointing you to what you missed. Don’t lose that original tape! Report it out. I will be talking about this Monday on my radio show “The Log” 1pm on WXRW. I invite you to provide a statement I will read on my show.”

So, that’s where it stands as of Sunday morning. I took note that reporter Stephanie Haines does not appear on camera in the piece and at one point says “Police told TMJ4’s photographer on scene there were no arrests.” This suggests to me that Haines herself may have not been “on scene.” I don’t know if she was or wasn’t, but somebody at TMJ4 better damn well follow up on this.

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